Friday, June 24, 2016


How to become popular?
tel.+7(916) 657-17-17, +7(985) 343-69-37, +7(915) 397-90-40
open a new e-mail
for Your convenience, please duplicate their letters to
the musical material, please send us an email:
We guarantee any musical project fame and popularity.
Depending on the source of the music level of each specific project, value of purchases and the goals we guarantee to any musical project a particular level of fame and popularity.
What is popularity?
This is when you know Your songs and when You have concerts!
We GUARANTEE all this!
Our company:
— calculates the target audience of Your musical project
— will do for You or Your project site and make it visited
— hold photo shoots
— provide Your project the professional musical contents (outs, mixing, mastering)
ensure if You need commercial texts.
— will register Your tracks in the Studio.
— ensure Your project is a competent public relations (pr)
— make You video (s) and place it (them) on various TV channels.
— to place Your songs on popular Internet sites, radio and music compilations.
— will post articles and interviews related to Your project in various print and electronic media.
— creates or help in creating a competent concert programs.
— will take on questions of the organization of concert activity.
— releasing Your album on one of the CENTRAL distributi of the country.
Having a wide experience in producing various musical projects
But the market situation has changed dramatically and what we are doing now is called GUARANTEED PRODUCTION
To date, musical projects or are created by the production centres or subscribe to the production centres on the terms of payment for concrete work. We also work according to this scheme, although sometimes allow some exceptions, which at the moment will not speak.
contact US!
Garant Productions

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Printed Chocolates for Branding


We are writing to introduce a great new concept in corporate gifting and branding. At ChocoCraft we create elegant chocolate gifts that highlight your brand in a unique way.

We create delicious chocolates that have your brand printed on them in colour. The chocolates are packed in elegant wooden boxes that are also customised with your branding. The attached presentation explains more about our products.

We are committed to delivering a quality product and timely delivery and our products are shipped to locations across India.

Our chocolate gifts have been much appreciated at sales events, product launches or inaugurations and also at exhibitions and tradeshows. We also make gifts for employee birthdays and anniversaries.

Do contact us if you’d like to know more about us. Hope you have a nice day!


Team ChocoCraft

DELHI (Head Office & Production)


Ph: +91 98738 47888, +91 11 6466 1101

F-1099, Palam Extn, Sector 7, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110077




Ph: +91 8454990042 / +91 8108574726

B-25, Shraddha CHS, Gorai-2, Borivali (W), Mumbai - 400092


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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Best watches in the world. Pre-summer sale!

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