Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Other Side of the Story

I've made no secret of my feelings about Madonna's adoption in Malawi. However, I do believe in being fair. So, tomorrow, Wednesday, October 25, Madonna will appear on Oprah to share "her side of the story". I expect there will be a fair amount of celebrity spin, but it ought to be an interesting show. I'm just a little bit embarassed to admit that I'll probably be watching.

Click here for a quick peek into the interview. Perhaps it will help you decide what you'll be watching tomorrow.


darci said...

I just read the blurb in People..all I can say is "oh PULEEZE.."

Heidi said...

I just read your posts about this and some others. Even though I am not an adoptive parent it is an issue that is close to my heart (possibly even something in God's future plan for us in some way)but all I can say about Madonna is yikes!

If I can remember to turn on the tv I might be watching with you.

Amy said...

I got to the part where she blamed the media for all of this and had to stop. You'll need to fill me in. Gag. Amy