Sunday, December 31, 2006

Go Chargers!!

My husband was born and raised in San Diego. He is a die-hard fan of the Padres and Chargers. I guess you could say he is a real hometown kind of guy. His favorite teams have not always given much him much hope or reason to stand by them, but he always has. This year, has been a rare exception to the general rule. Will's precious Charger's have a record that is actually leading the entire National Football League. They clinched their division early, ensured themselves a "buy" week in the first week of the play-offs, and now just need to win one last game to ensure home field advantage during their whole play-off experience.

All of this brings us to the dilemma I had when considering Christmas gifts for my husband. He is not the easiest guy to shop for. He pretty much has what he needs, and is not the kind of guy to whine about the stuff he wishes he had. He is always far more concerned about taking care of his wife and family. Long before I knew the Chargers would have such an amazing season, tickets were on sale and I had the offer of babysitting services for our 5 kids. After a lot of thought and arranging, I decided to take the plunge. I knew it would be one of the only times we have left Grace with a sitter. I knew it might turn out to be a "meaningless" game since it was at the end of the season. I took a shot anyway.

This all turned out to be a good thing. Will was VERY surprised when he opened the tickets on Christmas morning. He was even more surprised to hear there was already an arrangement in place for the kids. The best part though; he was truly excited about going to the game. It really does mean something for the Chargers, and hence, to my husband. At 1:15pm PST today, Will and I will be sitting in Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, to cheer on the San Diego Chargers as they face the Arizona Cardinals. I truly hope the Chargers will emerge victorious in this game, but regardless, I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to spend the day with my husband. I appreciate this chance to hang out as grown ups, without our beloved kids, as husband and wife.


V I C T O R Y ! ! !


Amanda/MayhemMama said...

I hope you enjoy your time together! That worked out perfectly, and you are such a thoughtful wife!

5kiddad said...

I had a wonderful time watching the game with you, Baby. Thanks so much for the tickets! Now to figure out a way to watch the AFC Championship game (if they make it) in person too! :-) GO BOLTS!