Saturday, February 17, 2007

At the 11th Hour

We did manage to get away from the house tonight. So really it was 8:00pm when we finally left, not 11:00pm, but it sure felt like a near miss!! In truth, nothing is guaranteed. Hence, the reason we are staying 15 minutes from our house. The good news is, Grandma Carroll seems to be rallying, one kid went back to school today, and Grace has been fever free for 24 hours. The downside, one kid (the pre-teen girl) is feeling just well enough to have some of her spunk back (Heaven help us all!!), one kid is in the worst part of this particular virus, and the four-year-old (bless his pea pickin' little heart) is having EXTREME melt-downs. This is either virus related, or he has lost his ever loving mind!! Of course, I haven't even mentioned the fact that we have never left Grace overnight, and only twice (for a few hours) during the day. Fortunately for Grandma, Grandpa John is flying in on Sunday morning to help her out.

Thank you to all of you that have offered up prayers on our behalf so far. Obviously, they have been working, as we were able to leave on our trip. Just please keep praying that our much needed break will not have to be disturbed by a frantic call from Grandma. You all are the best!!!

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