Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Virus of Death

It took down the 5th kid, moved on to Will, and finally, got me too. Maybe "death" is a bit of an exaggeration, but there have been moments over the last 19 days of illness (yes, I'm counting!), that any one of us might have chosen it. This is one NASTY cold!!!

Grandma and Grandpa returned to their snowy home on Friday. It's a bummer that their entire visit was taken over by sick people, but they were still relieved to have the chance to thaw out for a few days. They returned just in time for another snow storm, and to see my sister off to Korea. She and her husband will be living there for the next 10+ months while he serves in the Army. It has been a long 2 months for a couple newlyweds to be apart since he deployed in January. I'm sure the reunion will be sweet!!

I took my four oldest kids in for physicals this week. I'm pleased to say that everyone got a clean bill of health. One notable moment came when we looked at the growth chart for my 4 year old. We knew he was big for his age, but would have never guessed he'd fall into the 125th percentile for both height and weight! He is completely off the chart!! Holy Moly!!!

I'm off the go drink some more hot tea, and cuddle up to my box of Kleenex.


MP2 said...

Oh no. Moms aren't allowed to get sick!

smiliesar said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are still battling the illnesses at your house. We have had many kids sick at school the past few weeks with lots of teachers too. It's one ugly winter for being sick. I pray your family gets better soon.

Brian (dad to 3) said...

Since the first time I met him I thought he was "lying" when he told me his age, I'm not surprised that he's off the chart (although I don't know how one can be in the 125th% since percentile is the number of people below you; more proof than MDs are idiots).

5KidMom said...

So as not to slander our doctor, the 125th percentile was my approximation. It was about the same distance above the top line on the chart (100th percentile) as the 75th percentile was below it.

MDs can be idiots, but in this case, I have to take the credit. Oops.

Perri said...

Oh, how miserable. Praying right now it ends sson!