Wednesday, April 25, 2007

As Requested....Updates

My Mom is doing amazingly well! She got to go home on Saturday. The doctors told her she was more likely to get an infection in the hospital, than if they sent her home. Since her pain was well controlled, she was happy to let them spring her from the round the clock poking and prodding of the lovely nurses. Everyone knows a person sleeps better in their own bed anyway, right? She is taking things slow and easy, and can often be found with a pillow on her chest to protect herself from the, sometimes overzealous, puppy love that can be found in abundance at her house. We haven't heard back from pathology yet, but anticipate the report before the end of the week. That will help determine the required chemo regimen. If it comes back as expected, my Mom will have her first round of chemo by the end of next week. While none of us are looking forward to that part, least of all her, we will all be glad to be looking at it from the other side in just a couple months. Please continue to lift my Mom up in prayer as she faces this next challenge. If all goes well, she could have her reconstruction surgery as soon as September. Modern medical science amazes me!

I have hesitated to post an update on Bob, as the progress has been slow, and his condition was less than hopeful. He could not swallow. He could only speak a few words, and they were very hard to understand. He had little to no movement on the right side of his body. He has experienced intense pain, requiring SERIOUS pain killing drugs, since his first seizure. However, a lot of that changed this week. Here is the message Lisa posted on our family webpage yesterday (edited slightly to protect privacy):

Thanks to all for your faith in fasting and praying for Bob. Sunday, things started to improve tremendously. Monday, he ate roast beef, potatoes, soup, pudding - the works. Wow!! Today, he wrote his name and stood with help. First time out of bed in almost 5 weeks. Tomorrow, he will be transferred to "Outstanding Local Neuro" Rehab facility.

The men in our church have been taking turns staying with Bob at night so that he is safe. and so that I can go home and sleep. What a blessing that has been. Heavenly Father is blessing Bob and it is so wonderful to see. I am doing well - I definitely have times when I'm overwhelmed, but the Lord has strengthened me and sent friends and family to support me.

Keep praying those prayers. My prayer now is that he'll be able to tolerate the intensive therapy. I think he will.


Karianne said...

Good news all around!

Thinking of you.

S&C said...

Great to hear such good news!!!! Someone out there is really watching and taking care of your loved ones ;-)

MP2 said...

Thanks for the update on 2 amazing people.

Swerl said...

Glad to hear the positive news.

Perri said...

Both reports are very encouraging. How great of the men of the church to step up for Bob.

Tell Daniel congratulations from me. His display looks awesome.

Jody said...

Wow. Fantastic news on both your mom and Bob's recovery.

My prayers will be lifted up for all of you tonight.