Friday, July 06, 2007

Do You Have One of These?

If not, I highly recommend you get one. I used this vanilla ice cream recipe (the custard one). They even have a video if you are feeling a tad uncertain. Just a quick note, I doubled the recipe for our family of 6 (Grace is lactose intolerant). It just fit in the ice cream maker, and we all had a nice sized serving. Here it is just before it was ready to eat. MMmmmm!!!

PS The ice cream was our Fourth of July dessert. Tonight we had shaved ice. We have this machine. It's nothing fancy, but it gets the job done without too much elbow grease required. I even found a recipe online to use in place of the store bought syrups. Between that, and using plain old plastic cups instead of the special paper cones, dessert couldn't get much cheaper. This is sure to be a summer favorite at our house. 8^)

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