Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Home at last!

Thank God almighty, we're home at last!!!!!!! (OK, a slight tweak on MLK's famous quote)

We had a wonderful adventure on our journey all over the great US of A (details forthcoming), but we are definitely ready to sleep in our own beds and share more spacious quarters again.


Blaine, Will & Family

PS BTW, the final tally of our trip was 6,633 miles. Holy Moly!!!


Tim Abney said...

Imagine... enough room to turn around and not bump into 3 kids... or a dog.

Perri said...

That is a WHOLE lot of miles - about 1/2 a year's driving for me!

Welcome back. How's you mom?

Anonymous said...

whew-hew for sleeping in your own bed! Its the little things in life that we cherish huh after a certain age huh? I am glad your home safe. I will keep my eyes peeled for lots of fun posts and pictures in the days to come. Love Christy H (have to sign in annonymous because the Blog diesnt like me tonight for some reason)

patjrsmom said...

Welcome Home! Looking forward to hearing about your trip!


darci said...

welcome home blaine and fam..glad all went well and you are in your own comfy bed..there's no place like that! darci :)
(still pregnant.....)

Mayhem said...

Welcome home! I hope you're all unpacked and ready to blog, 'cause I tagged you for an "Anti Racist Parent" meme!

Kimmie said...

Welcome home, enjoy your space and those comfy homey beds!

I enjoyed all the pics of your family...they are all beautiful and I LOVE your HEADER picture! too sweet for sure!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted
*today I posted our # on the list for our adoption! come see

wendy said...

Holy Moly, indeed! That is a whole heck of a lot of miles! :-)

Julie said...

That mileage is CRAZY!!! Glad to hear you are home safely!

Nadine said...

How exciting to travel all over the US - that's a lot of miles. Nice to be home safe and sound after such a long trip.