Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Latest

Tyler definitely has H. Pylori. He is now on our different medications for the next 14 days, and missed school again today due to vomiting. Ugh!! Will had a mild reprieve from Jury Duty today. Basically, the judge and lawyers needed to figure a few things out. To add to the excitement, Kayla is now running a fever (over 101 degrees), and has white spots on her throat. She is not happy that this is going to keep her from enjoying the Halloween festivities, and possibly her Cross Country meet on Friday. Honestly, reason #2 is far more upsetting to her. I can't blame her. She has worked very hard to prepare for this.

So far, I am still going to the Orthopoedic Doctor tomorrow, as planned. I only hope there will be some good news to be heard there.


Perri said...

Any day now -- things are going to get better :) The medicine will start working soon.

Mayhem said...

Oh my word! You need some good news and some good days! Surely those better days are coming soon!!

Jessica said...

You guys deserve a week at the spa or something after all of this sickness!

fully operational battle station said...

Jeez! this all sounds terrible! I'm so sorry!

Uh, Happy Halloween?