Saturday, November 03, 2007


OK Folks.....the free-for-all is officially over. I will be deleting all "anonymous" comments (past, present and future) that don't include a name in the end. I blog for the purpose of sharing our lives with family and friends, and to spread the occasional entertaining or thought provoking piece. People will need to save their "flaming" for another venue. My blog has always been a kind, family friendly, welcoming place. I have no problem with someone disagreeing with my point of view on any post, but I do take issue with attacks; especially anonymous ones. I will choose to leave the option of using the "anonymous" button in my comments section, but this is simply for the convenience of our friends and family that are not bloggers, or do not have a Google account. Those folks are welcome to leave their thoughts at any time, and will have no issue with including their identity.

While this is MY blog, and I have the right to post whatever I choose on it, I do want to take this opportunity to offer a brief explanation of my thought process behind
the post that has stirred up such controversy. It was intended to be rather lighthearted and un-noteworthy. It included a silly link showing Barrack Obama and Ellen dancing around on her show. I found it funny and entertaining....period. I now see that some might have taken the fact that he happened to be on the Ellen show as me somehow endorsing a pro-homosexual stance. I can honestly say that the thought never crossed my mind. Perhaps this fact has been lost on some of my more inflammatory readers, but I have never mentioned gay marriage or abortion on this blog. That is not because I am without opinion on these issues, but simply because this is not the venue where I wish to discuss those matters..

I started reading blogs about two years ago. During that time, I have read plenty of posts that I disagreed with. In most cases, I just ignored them. As much as we grow to feel like we really "know" other bloggers; in truth, we only know the little bits and pieces that they choose to share with us. If I find that I regularly disagree with a particular blog, I just remove it from my reading list. After all, it is that person's right to say whatever they want on THEIR blog, and my right not to read it if it offends me. On the rare occasion that I have found it necessary to voice my contrary opinion, I have NEVER hidden behind anonymity. If my opinion was important enough to share, it was also worth signing my name to.

For the record, I am more than happy to have you all participate in lively discussion on my blog. I strongly believe that all Americans/Christians have the right to their own opinions, and that is one of the things I appreciate most about the country we live in. However, there are times and places that are more/less appropriate to get on our soapboxes. This particular incident took me by surprise, and I am grateful for my husband (Will), Dad (Tim) and cousin (Julie) for jumping in to defend me. I hope that the same would be true on any of your blogs as well, if you were subject to a similar attack. And for the record, I appreciate my friend Christy's comments too. We might have some different opinions in some areas, but I love her, and her willingness to stand firm in her beliefs.


sarah said...

Wow, so I had to go back and read the comments (I didn't even make it through all of them). I, for one, had absolutely no idea that posting Barack dancing would be such a controversy! People need to lighten up a little! I liked the dancing (and I heart Obama)

patjrsmom said...

Hi Blaine,

Just checking in here since a few days ago and am shocked at what must have been happening during my departure.

I saw your post including Barack Obama and as one who holds strong pro-life beliefs, he wouldn't be my choice for a candidate, but that doesn't mean he can't be yours. I am sorry that someone chose to attack your innocuous post rather than share, leaving anonymity aside, their viewpoints. As the great saint, Francis of Assisi said, "Preach the gospel at all times, when necessary use words." It does nothing to further the message of the gospel when people choose to let their anonymous actions speak otherwise.

Your Friend,
Jane (who has ALWAYS found your *online* manner a beacon of light in what can sometimes be a sea of darkness)

Julie said...

Awesome post, Blaine! I love you no matter who you vote for!!! (as long as you don't vote for Hillary)

Just kidding! I'd love you even if you voted for Hillary. :)

Mayhem said...

I went back to see what the fuss was about, and the anonymous comments are gone. But I don't think I was missing much.

I thought your post about Obama was lighthearded. I didn't interpret it as an endorsement of him as a candidate, though obviously it's fine with me if you vote for whomever you see fit.

Your dad and husband are awesome, by the way!

What you've written here shows grace and courage, and I admire you!

Anne said...

I was shocked when I came by for a blog visit this morning to see all this you've been dealing with.

I'm so sorry -- and I totally support you running your blog any way you see fit.

love you guys!

Jacob and Andi said...

Good for you! You may post my email if you would like, I'm glad it didn't make you mad!!

Anonymous said...

That is so crazy! Well I guess you just showed me one very huge reason I am glad people never look at my blog. Oh maybe it might help if I would blog sometime too. Anyways we love you and stand by you keep posting chica. We love the updates.

DeAnna said...

Man, I missed all the fighting. :) J/K I'm so sorry people see this as a means to attack you. I read your post, clicked on the link because I just had to see him dance. :) But I didn't even read comments because I'm not a big Barack fan, but I didn't think it mattered if I posted that there and I'm surely not well versed in politics to truly know everything about every candidate. I guess others thought it mattered. I'm sorry you were attacked. This is why I never feel comfortable talking about "things" other than my kids on my blog because I'm afraid that although I only have a handful of known people who read my blog, people will come out of the woodwork and be rude if I post on issues. Anyway, again, sorry you were attacked over this.

Anonymous said...

I have read everything on this Obama post and I really don't quite understand why you feel attacked. Everyone was just trying to have a good theological discussion on what God says about homosexuality and some of the other viewpoints Obama holds. Who one supports and loves as your "I heart Obama" banner protrays displays your values. Everything people do, no matter how insignificant it may seem, is judged by God and others. The world is to be judged by the standards God has set before us in His word. Everything we do from voting for presidents to where we attend church to who we associate with should be looked at through the lense of the Bible. So again, I'm not sure why it is you or others feel "attacked" when theology is brought up. Maybe it is uncomfortable for you but these are definitely critical issues that God cares about so we should as well. Having theological discussions is a good thing so please take to heart and think about what the others posted on this issue.


Brianna Heldt said...

Yikes, I too went back to read all the comments! I don't have much patience for anonymous posters--I guess I feel like if you are putting YOURself out there, they ought to as well.

I loved that clip of Obama dancing on ellen. I really do like him, and after researching several candidates on their websites, I wish I was a registered democrat so I could vote for him in the primary. I have no idea which Republican to vote for!