Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Latest (Again)

My sweet bloggy friend, Perri, emailed to see how things are going. Long about the time those kinds of emails start coming in, I start cluing in that it's time for an update. So here it goes...

Mostly, we're all doing a lot better. The colds are lingering a bit, but that really just means we are going through extra Kleenex. No one is sick enough to not function normally....PRAISE GOD!!! My ankle is on the mend. I am supposed to start physical therapy this next week. I know that will help a lot because I can really tell that it is weak. Will has a little discomfort from his shingles still, but is feeling pretty good. The liver enlargement isn't gone, but the GI doc said he expected it to take a few months to resolve.

My Mom is doing great. She finished her last Herceptin treatment a month or so ago. She is working on losing some weight so she can get her reconstruction done soon after the Holidays. The surgeon told her that she would be happier with the long term results if she started at a healthier weight. The word is that she's doing a good job so far.

One thing that hasn't made it to blog world yet is that my Step-Dad (Grandpa John) has prostate cancer. They caught it early, but with his family history and the type he has, he has to treat it fairly aggressively. He started radiation therapy and hormone treatments a few days ago, and will have radioactive "seeds" implanted after the new year. So far, he seems to be tolerating the therapies very well, and they are planning to come out to spend Christmas with us. Hopefully that will continue to go well. 8^)

For now, I am doing my best to wrap my brain around the idea of the upcoming holiday season. There's lots to do to prepare for it, but since it is pleasant stuff I am looking forward to it.

So what's happening with all of you?


smiliesar said...

I'm so glad things are getting better in your home but sad to hear about your step-dad. I pray they are able to treat everything. This next year your family needs a break from seeing doctors! You've seen your fair share of them this year.

We are doing great here with lots of work and excitement for the upcoming holiday season. Love you. We will be praying for your family to continue to heal and be healthy and happy.

patjrsmom said...

My husband always refers to the even numbered years as "break out" years; meaning that these years are when great things happen. Here's to your break out year of 2008! May God Bless you and yours through these last weeks of 2007. Enjoy getting ready for the holidays!


Tim Abney said...

Glad to hear John is doing so well. He and I are both tough old birds and it takes more than that to get us down.

He'll probably use this as a motivator to run a marathon or something.