Wednesday, December 26, 2007


It's Kwanzaa time (12/26/07 - 1/1/08). I have limited knowledge on the subject. So, oh wise internets, please enlighten me. Do you celebrate Kwanzaa, or not? Why?


Anonymous said...

Don't celebrate it and don't know anyone else who does. I have one kiddo from ET and 2 from Asian countries. With all the holidays we already have I can't see adding another. Seriously, we just finished Christmas, then there's New Years followed by Ethiopian Christmas on January 7th, then we have Chinese New Year and TET (friends adopted from VN). Then there's Easter in March and Cambodian New Year in you get the picture. None of our AA friends celebrate it. And our ET friends never heard of it so I'm not going there.
Lili, Mom to 3 internationally adopted

nosmallfeat said...

I wondered that myself and came upon this message from the "founder"

I wish I could say I read it but it's really long and Max wants me to watch Boohbah with him before his bath and a trip to the park (yeah, I know... it's cold outside but everything is closed).

As for adding this to our list of celebrations, we are not. No disrespect to those who do but we just don't.

Hope you're having a nice new year's. The fireworks finally stopped around 11 (don't get why fireworks BEFORE midnight but not at or after, or at all...). Max still woke up at 6 so I am VERY tired!

Laura :)