Friday, December 07, 2007

She's Back!!

Thanks to some wonderful neighbors, Honey had a warm, dry place to sleep last night. Unfortunately, thet didn't notice our "Lost Dog" signs until they were on their way home from taking her to the shelter this morning. The wife was actually in tears when she told me that they had taken her to the shelter. She said that if they couldn't find her owner, they were ready to keep her (she is an awfully sweet dog). Their vet told them that taking her to the shelter was the most likely way to get us reunited "since that is usually the first place owners call when looking for their lost pets". I made sure to thank her profusely, and apologized for all the trouble that they had to go through. I was so grateful just to know that Honey was OK. I didn't care where I had to go to get her back.

Honey, on the other hand, was most unhappy about being at the shelter. It was actually a nice place, but Honey was terrified. After we paid the $48 to spring her from jail, a nice lady went out to bring her over to us. After walking up and down the rows of kennels three times, she asked a couple other guys that worked there to help her. By this time, I was getting a tad concerned. All three of the employees walked up and down the rows, and finally asked me to come over to have a look for myself. First they took me to another yellow lab. Definitely not Honey. Hmmmmm... We finally found her in what appeared to be an empty kennel. You see, each kennel has it's own dog house, and Honey was so freaked out by all the unfamiliar noises and surroundings, she was hiding in the dog house. She finally peeped out when she heard my voice. The poor dog could not get to the car fast enough. This was definitely more adventure that she had planned on.

We still don't know how she got out of the yard to begin with, but you can bet that Honey will not be going outside without a leash until we do. We have a new license that I paid for at the shelter, and my parents have pledged to give her an early X-mas present....A Shiny New ID Tag. Yippee!!


patjrsmom said...

Glad to hear she's back!


Anonymous said...

Dumb dog.

Will ;-)

5KidMom said...

I know, Sweetheart....dumb and ugly. Thanks for all you do. I love you!!!!!!!

DeAnna said...

So glad you found Honey! My animals are part of the family too, they actually were my children before my children, so I know how you feel. :)