Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So, Justin is "Star of the Week" in his Kindergarten class. The first day he brought in a cut-out version of himself (whole body). We made his eyes appropriately hazel, and his lips sufficiently pink-orange-peach-red-brown. His body double had a lovely pair of manly khakis, and a handsome forest green shirt. Of course, the shirt was covered from top to bottom with stickers. They represented all the things that he is interested in. He wore matching clothes to school on Monday, but never took his jacket off, so his teacher and classmates never knew.

Today, Justin took a framed picture that he keeps on the shelf by his bed. It is a sweet drawing of a baby folding his hands in prayer, along with some bigger hands wrapped around the them. It says, "May the Lord bless you..." It was given to him by Grandma Carroll and Grandpa John right after his birth. He was in the hospital, sick as can be, and they were 1000 miles away. It was to remind us all that they were praying for him, and that we should continue to do so.

When Justin came home from school today, I asked him how his class liked his picture. He said they liked it. He explained why it was special to him, and that led to a class discussion about who prays at their house; more specifically, who prays at meal time at home. It turns out, some do, some don't. The fact that they even had this discussion in a public school is rather impressive. Justin had just one thought on the matter...."I don't see why everyone doesn't pray before meals. It's not that hard, after all!!!"


Perri said...

If only everyone realized how easy it is to be thankful for the many blessings we have.

Anonymous said...

Smart little guy! Good for him and good for you as parents that he's so secure in his faith! Praying that that faith will always be with him!

Cousin Julie