Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Year (School Semester)

All of my kids (not Grace) are back to school; Tyler at school with Will. It was a nightmare getting him registered, but he had a great first day. Now we'll pray for some awakening and responsibility on his part. Dad will be right over his shoulder, regardless. Kayla has a little 8th Grade-itis. She isn't quite sure if she wants to push for the straight A's that she has had throughout the rest of Middle School. Fortunately, she wants to qualify for CJSF (California Junior Scholarship Federation). It is the only award that can be included, from the Middle School level, on college applications. That should pull her through. Daniel is doing so well with his new IEP in place. Seeing his lighter mood and happy demeanor makes all the hard work worthwhile. There is such a great Resource staff at our school. Justin tells me he is the "Orange Paw King". That is because their school mascot is the Lion, and in Kindergarten, he can earn an orange paw for good behavior and a brown paw for bad behavior. He has earned nothing but orange paws all year. Yippee!!!! This all makes this Mom's heart light and happy! 8^)

BTW, Grace spent the day getting into everything, and writing on my couch with a ball point pen. GRRRrrrr!!!


Perri said...

Glad the kids are all doing well.

Did you get the pen marking out?

Mayhem said...

Wow, Kayla is really thinking ahead. Good for her! I don't think college even crossed my mind one single time when I was in 8th grade.

(So, hmmm, the brown paws are bad? Not to be over sensitive, but sometimes the little things do matter. Whatever the color, I'm glad Justin is doing well!)