Sunday, January 06, 2008

Our Team in the Playoffs

I can hardly believe I care this much, but I am seriously rooting for the San Diego Chargers in today's playoff game. There was a day that I was a SERIOUS Denver Broncos fan. I lived there from age 5 to age 15. Considering I still had family there, it seemed only right that I would maintain my allegiances. However, I married a man that had a LONG (from its' earliest days) history of being a San Diego Chargers fan. His WHOLE family (even those in Oregon) are Charger fans. Considering his passion, I had to make the switch. Our kids have been taught to yell, "Go Chargers!!!" from their earliest days, and we are all properly outfitted for the games whenever possible. So I ask you all, in spite of your local allegiances, to join us in our quest. Watch the game later today, and root for our Chargers.



Tanya & Ramsey said...

BOOOO to San Diego.. lol. I am new to reading your blog.. We are adopting from Ethiopia... But I had to tease you... I am a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan, always have been but now we live in Southern Cali so I am lost with the chargers, ewww.....j/k


Grandma Carroll said...

You think you are surprised, I am in shock. However, it is fun to have you join some of us in the sports world! Go, Chargers!

Love ya,