Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Little Things

Valentine's Day is usually a big day at our house. It is one of my favorite holidays. However, this year finances have dictated a smaller celebration. At first I felt a little sad about that, but then something great happened. I started noticing the little things. I watched Justin carefully preparing his valentines for his classmates for the very first time. He wrote his name on each one in his neatest penmanship. He told me that since his name has a J - U - S - T - I and an N in it, he is the MASTER at writing those letters. After perusing his efforts, I would have to agree.

Then, this morning, I poured myself a glass of juice. That wouldn't usually be anything noteworthy, but the little air bubbles that sometimes make a little foam on top of a drink formed a heart right on top of my juice. What a sweet, random valentine. My picture isn't the greatest, but I had to share it with you.

Finally, just because she saw that I had the camera out, I had to take Grace's picture. Her hair is not combed, and I had to make sure to focus on the top half of her because she soaked through her pants a few minutes ago and is wearing just a diaper, but she is as cute and sweet as ever. I love this girl, and all the rest of my family too. I am one blessed lady, and have no more time for sadness on this day.

Happy Love Day Everyone!! Enjoy it!!!


Brooklyn said...

Wow, look at that hair. It is getting really long. I can't wait to have my little girl with hair that I can braid and such. She is so beautiful.

Christy said...

yup. its the little things.

Susy Q said...

Oh my goodness! Grace's hair is getting so long!

Grandma Carroll said...

I think of the cookies and messes we made, the goodies and messes we made, all the valentines and decorated boxes and the messes we made, in other words I remember all the fun we had that was priceless. What are the words to the song .. "slow down because you are going to miss these days". For me, John cooked a great steak, gave me a beautiful card, we cuddled up on the couch like two teenagers being ever more grateful just to be alive, reminisced about our children and grandchildren and watched some television that was so important that I do not even remember what it was. Our special treat, a DQ, of course! Make every day a Happy Love Day.


Jesi and Joe said...

OH MY GOODNESS Grace looks so cute! I love her hair, it's beautiful! What a great post, thank you! I am losing my mind with the wait, so thanks for the reminder to find the joy and meanings in the little things!

smiliesar said...

I love the heart bubbles! How awesome is that. I can't believe how old Grace is getting. She's really growing up and isn't a baby any more.