Saturday, June 14, 2008

The 6th McC Kid

In case your wondering who the extra kid is in the ball slideshow below, I thought I'd take a minute to fill you in. When Will was married to his late wife, Karen, he had the honor of being a Step-Dad to her son Kyle. He raised him for 8 years, but when his wife died, Kyle's Dad insisted on him coming to live with him. That was a really hard thing for Will, but he had no legal recourse. We have worked hard to stay in touch with Kyle over the years, but it has not been easy. He was in an environment that did not support the idea of him maintaining and building bonds with our family. Fortunately, he is older now, and has chosen to be part of our family. In fact, he is living with us right now. The kids are thrilled to FINALLY have their oldest brother around, and this time has been a great way for Will and I to catch up with Kyle after such a long time apart. This is such proof that God's timing is ALWAYS perfect.


Jody said...

That is very cool. Glad he is safely home with you all.

darci said...

wow, congratulations. that's a big deal.