Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kayla the Multi Talented

Kayla has had an awesome week!!! She received 4 awards at the 8th Grade Awards Ceremony. She was honored as a member of the California Junior Scholarship Federation. She was chosen as Student of the Year by her PE teacher. She was included on the Principal's Honor Roll for maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or better for all three years of Middle School. Finally, she received a Presidential Acknowledgment for maintaining a 4.0 GPA for all of Middle School. Wow!!!

The school held an recognition assembly for all graduating 8th graders on Friday morning. It was a bit chaotic, and more than a little warm, but we were proud to watch Kayla graduate from Middle School. It is a pleasure to parent such a self-motivated kiddo. We know she will continue to do well as she looks to the future.

PS High School water polo practice starts at 6:00am on Monday. Do I get some sort of award for leaving the house at 5:30am every morning, all Summer, to take her there?!?!

PPS I almost forgot to mention Kayla's latest hobby. She saved her money for a nice digital camera, and has been having lots of fun taking shots of the local flora and fauna. (By the way, she also took most of the shots in the "Ball" slide show below.) Here's a sample of her work...


JourneytoFamily said...

Awesome pics, Kayla! Photography is a wonderful hobby. Just ask Marshall!

Jesi and Joe said...

Welcome back! I've been wondering what happened to you! ;-) WAY TO GO KAYLA!!! What awesome and incredible accomplishments!