Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Deep Conditioning

Grace's hair has really started to grow a lot lately. She has the cutest little curls. Unfortunately, this has not been a universal phenomenon. The front/top is shorter than the back and sides, and there is this funny strip around the back that has little more than peach fuzz on it. What the heck?! Well, in the interest of keeping the hair she's got looking the best it can, I decided to use a deep conditioner today.It left her hair feeling super soft, and the curls were nice and easy to comb through. I'm not sure I found the final solution by any means, but it took care of business today. Grace really enjoyed her bath in the kitchen sink too. 8^) She usually bathes in her baby bathtub in the master bathroom. She was totally fascinated by the big faucet, the bottle brush and even the dirty dishes on the other side of the sink (oops). I was worried that she might be bothered by the sprayer, or that she might get soap in her eyes since this wasn't "baby" conditioner. In the end, it all turned out just fine. The price we girls pay for beauty!!

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