Sunday, January 14, 2007

Playoffs (w/ Update)

Since our great date two weeks ago, the excitement has REALLY been building at our house. We have spent a fair amount of time acquiring the proper game watching wardrobe.

Will has given me daily updates on the discussions (more like debates/trash talk)on the sports talk radio shows. I have learned more about individual player and team statistics than I thought I would ever know. My kids have even come home from school sharing stories of friends and faculty at school getting prepared for the big game.

This is not usually my particular personal obsession, but with my entire family getting caught up in the excitement, it's tough to keep from joining in. So here we sit, watching the Chargers play the Patriots in the biggest game the Chargers have participated in since 1998.

Update: Bummer!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry that the Chargers lost today. But it does free you up to cheer for the Bears.

Sue said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing!


5kiddad said...

Time to move on. The Padres pitchers and catchers report on the 15th of February. GO PADS!!!

Of course, without a few trades between now and the beginning of the season, I think it will be a long year for them too. It's hard to be a San Diego fan!

At A Hen's Pace said...

Sorry to hear your team lost...but that is the cutest little cheerleader EVER!!! She has the most precious face.