Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Call

So, I got the call. The call from my Mom, that is. I thought about calling her Thursday evening, but couldn't quite bring myself to do it. I guess I figured if there was anything too serious, she would call me. Instead, I took a nap...from 5 to 8:30 pm. Yikes! So not like me!! On Friday morning, I got a call from my Dad, inquiring as to what was going on with my Mom. I hadn't heard yet, so after a few minutes of chit-chat, hung up and took a shower before Grace woke up. As soon as I was dressed, I heard Grace calling from her crib, and very shortly after that the phone was ringing again. This time, it was my Step-Mom (Diane), also inquiring about my Mom. Since I still didn't know anything, and I had to pick up my Middle School kids in 10 minutes because of their minimum day, I wrapped up the conversation quickly. Keep in mind, even in my hurry, it was not lost on me who was making these concerned calls. I don't want to misrepresent anything here, but 10 years ago, my Dad and Step-Mom might not have cared a whole lot about what was going on with my Mom. The relationships had been strained (to say the least) for a VERY long time. I am so blessed to be part of a family that has cared enough to work through the trials and tribulations, and responded when God called us to heal the broken spots.

So, back to the subject at hand. My Mom called just after I got home from picking up the oldest kids from school. Fortunately, they had just left on a walk with the little ones, and I had a few minutes to myself. It wasn't easy to hear my Mom's news, but I did feel a sort of supernatural lifting of my spirit that was completely beyond me at the moment. She explained the medical science and terminlogy for everything. I listened, trying to be brave, but felt a couple of warm tears trickle down my cheeks. Finally, I heard her say "bi-lateral mastectomy" and "chemo". She said that the doctor had been very clear that "this is VERY treatable", and "science has come SOOO far in the last few years", but I still felt afraid. I had to laugh when she explained that the "bi-lateral" part was not because she needed it, but because she wanted her "tits" to match. Only my mother!!! Not that I can blame her. In the interest of fending off future breast cancer, and looking pretty (ok, so I'm a little vain too), I would probably do the same thing. 8^)

She will meet with the plastic surgeon next week, and likely have her surgery (mastectomy and reconstruction all in one) after March 24th (her and my Step-Dad's Anniversary). Yeah, they're still romantics after all this time!! Thanks to all of you that have offered up your good thoughts, well wishes, prayers, and even wearing your breast cancer bracelets. Every one of you mean the world to me, my Mom and our family. Please keep it up!

By the way, we have chosen to be very open with our kids about this matter. It has not always been easy to have the conversations with them, but so far, they seem to have taken the news very well. I feel so fortunate to have the relationships that we do with our kids. We have always tried to foster open, honest communication with them, and they have not disappointed (ok, maybe shocked) us with their questions and observations so far. Please be sure to keep them in prayer as well, as you consider our family over the coming weeks. Thanks!



smiliesar said...

How are you doing now after a few days to think about things? Call me if you would like to talk. I will keep praying for you.

5KidMom said...

In truth, Sarah, not so good. This is tough stuff. Thanks for the offer to call. I just might have to take you up on that.

Shana said...

I'm glad to hear about your (and your mom's) positive outlook. I will be praying for continued Supernatural peace for you all. And healing, too!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you all are going through this. My grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer about 6 years ago. She is ok, but the first year following her mastectomy was really hard. The medications really knocked her down, but obviously were worth it.

This is scary, hard stuff. You're in our hearts-

ps - I htink your mom made a good call with doing a double procedure. My grandma only did the one and she ended up hating her "falsie" so she goes around lop-sided much of the time (-:

Karianne said...

Oh, Sweetie, regardless, this is hard. Let us know. I'm here, thinking of you everyday.

Perri said...

My mom had the same thing done - bi-lateral and reconstruction in one day. when all was said and done, she was quite impressed with her new self - she even went up a cup size!

Now she had the boobs of a 20 year old and mine look like 65.

Praying for your momma. And you.

Jody said...

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry. Many hugs to you and your mom. It does sound like she has a positive outlook, and THAT will be key to her recovery and COMPLETE cure!!!

I am sorry I am so late reading this. We have been OOT all last week, and I have been trying to stay away from the computer while Bill is home.

Much love!