Saturday, March 10, 2007

Just in Time (For Us Anyway)

I got a couple days behind on my email, but when I popped back into cyberspace today, I was greeted by some very happy news. According to
this article on, Disney is set to release the animated movie, "The Frog Princess", in 2009. It is set in the French Quarter in New Orleans, and will feature the very first Black Disney Princess ever, Maddy!!
Obviously, this move by Disney is a long time in coming, but for Grace, the timing couldn't be more perfect. I am sad for all the little girls that have grown up without a princess to look up to, but am thrilled that Grace will have this lovely character to relate to as she goes through those fun, imaginative preschool years. Yeah Disney!!!


smiliesar said...

This is very exciting. Yeah!

DeAnna said...

Ok, I am so far behind on posts, because I was away this weekend with my family, but I am SOOOO excited to hear about this. Because Isabella is so into Princesses I've often said, I can't believe they've never had a black princess. Of course, I'm excited about it, but then Amelia will probably end up being like Isabella who loves Cinderella and Ariel instead. :) It will be perfect timing for Amelia as well -- she'll be 3.

Evorgleb said...

Yeh I just blogged about this over at Highbrid Nation, check it out if you get a chance. Anyway, it really is about time Disney gave little girls a black princess to look up to. Its long overdue. I also think its great that the film will take place in New Orleans. I'll definately have to take my neice to the Frog Princess.