Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Latest

The last few days have been slow and uncertain. The doctors chose to keep Bob intubated following the surgery on Wednesday. He was experiencing some seizures, and was not moving the right side of his body. They worked on getting his anti-seizure medications leveled out again, and kept him sedated throughout the night. The following day, the doctor confirmed that the lack of motion on his right side was caused by a stroke. Over the next couple days, the respiratory therapists were able to turn down the settings on the respirator as Bob started doing more of the work of breathing on his own. Early this afternoon, they were finally able to extubate him. Now that there is not a breathing tube in the way to keep him from talking, the doctor hopes to be able to determine the extent of the affects of the stroke on Bob's functions. We have not heard back from pathology yet, but hope to in the next couple days.

Thank you to all of you that have been keeping this family in your thoughts and prayers. Please continue to do so.


Karianne said...

Oh, hon. The waiting is just the worst. I'm so glad that the tube is out and he is recovering. Thank you for keeping us posted.

Perri said...

Blaine, I'm praying that the stroke effects can be quickly corrected with therapy.

S&C said...

You all our still in my thoughts.

smiliesar said...


When you see Lisa next will you give her a big hug from Kevin and I. Our hearts are breaking for her and the family. We just got the news tonight from Darrell (via Vaughn). Also give the girls and boys a hug too!