Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's That Time again

Last year at this time, my blog went pink. It was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, of course. I have hardly had the energy to post recently, let alone worry about what color the posts are. My husband, however, is far more on top of things than I. He showed up from the grocery store tonight with a beautiful, pink bouquet, with a tag that says "Passionately Pink for the Cure....Because Everyone Deserves a Lifetime!!"

As I wait for my own follow-up appointment, and MRI results, please think of all the women you know that have, or might have, breast cancer. I love you all!!


Julie said...

We love you too Blaine!!!!

DeAnna said...

Man, my hubby came home from the store the other night with pink ribbon kitchen utensils that doesn't sound nearly as sweet as flowers though. :) Still praying your results are all good!!!

grandma carroll said...

Welcome back sweet lady. I know it has been a rough summer/year and you have given a great deal of support to all of us. I know in my heart that your mri will come out fine. You have been such a warrior for the rest of us in humor (your blog), in prayer, and in your listening to us. I needed to take this moment and tell you that you, Blaine McCafferty, are one very special lady, and very much loved by all of us.

BTW. What is wrong with this picture? I did not get anything for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, except for maybe my CURE ..yea! My, how one's perspective changes!

I love you, Mom

Grandma Carroll said...

I lied. My wonderful husband came walking in last evening with a dozen of the most beautiful pink and red roses. I wonder what I can do for him.