Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm Gonna Be an Auntie...

...again! Of course, this time it will be on "my" side of the family. I married into 3 nieces and nephews when I was just 18. There have since been 9 other little ones that joined my late husband's family. When Will and I got married, there were 7 new nieces and nephews to add to our X-mas list. Finally, when my sister Shannon got married last December, we inherited 2 more beautiful little girls into our family. Up to this point though, the only person in my immediate family that actually gave birth (or adopted), was me. However, a few weeks back, my sister Shannon let me in on a little secret. She and Joe are expecting in late April '08. Today, she let me in on another surprise. They are having a GIRL!!! They were kind of hoping for a boy, since they already have 2 girls, but they are still super happy to have had the chance to see their beautiful daughter for the first time. She had just one request; please pray that they can agree on a girl name sometime between now and April. 8^) I see some shopping in my future. Yippee!!!!!

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patjrsmom said...

How exciting! What a wonderful Christmas blessing for your family.