Tuesday, December 04, 2007

In Training

So, last night I went into the scary place that is my boys' bedroom. Actually, I only braved it because I knew that it had been cleaned twice over the weekend. You see, I usually just avoid going in there, and in turn avoid screaming at my children while launching their posessions around the room. Seems like a good plan to me.

Anyway, back to the story. My original goal was to pick out an outfit for the following day for Justin. It seemed simple enough. The first hiccup in my plan came when I discovered that none of Justin's laundry had been put away. Apparently, his older brothers found it far too strenuous to include putting the clothes in the drawers when I asked them to take the washed, dried and neatly folded laundry to the appropriate rooms. Silly me. Once I had sorted the clothes, and put them into the appropriate drawers, I discovered the second challenge in my mission. Justin seems to have grown approximately 6 inches since the last time he wore a pair of pants. He was wearing a pair of black jeans, and had one other pair of pants in the drawer that didn't make him look like he was ready for a flood. Since that was the only option left, I decided to look for a shirt that would work.

Long about the time I found a shirt, Justin came wandering into the room. He must have been less than thrilled about the outfit I chose, because he immediately headed over to his dresser to see if he could find something else. Since I already knew that his search would be fruitless, I told him that he was stuck with my choice, and that we need to get to the store to shop for some pants.

"Well Mom, I could just wear what I wore to school today."

"No, son. We can't wear the same thing everyday."

Said with a completely serious expression and tone, "I could if you just washed it."

He seems to have begun his "man training" early. He is already trying to avoid shopping. 8^)


Anonymous said...

Send those clothes this way and I will wash them in my new machines :)

Hope you guys are doing well!

Love ya,
Cousin Julie

Anonymous said...

That's too funny! Well I guess we know what Justin may need for Christmas. As we know it in our family....Mervyn Claus may need to do some shopping!


Grandma Diane
(Better known as Mervyn Claus)

Jessica said...

haha.... that made me laugh :)