Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another First

Justin lost his first tooth this afternoon. In fact, he was actually brave enough to ask me to pull it out for him. It only took a couple little tugs.

My "little" guy is sure growing up fast!!


Perri said...

One of my least favorite parts of motherhood - the teeth pulling.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! My son "lost" BOTH bottom teeth today. Cost $276 to have them pulled. Good practice I guess for the future. He's got a little tiny mouth and big teeth so we'll be pulling permanant teeth and getting braces in a few years.
Don't look forward to that bill.

5KidMom said...

Ouch!! For both your son, and your wallet. 8^(

Anonymous said...

I could hardly get past his beautiful eyelashes to notice the tooth!

Christy said...

oh man, Morgan will be so jelous. She about to turn 7 and has all of her teeth still. She prays every morning that they will fall out! And I agree those lashes should be a crime! ;)