Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stuck in My Head

Sometimes I get a song stuck in my head. It might be a catchy toon, or just the last thing I heard on the radio before I turned off the car. During the day, it is often the theme song from one of the many kids' shows on PBS, Noggin or Nick Jr. For the most part, I'm OK with any of the above options. That was, until today. Last night, I went to bed right after seeing the above commercial. I dreamed about it. I could think of nothing else as I took my shower this morning. It keeps invading my thoughts.

THIS IS NOT OK!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Perri said...

I haven't seen that one and I just had it sit on my screen for about 15 minutes before I decided to take the chance that it wouldn't get stuck in my mind.