Thursday, January 24, 2008

2 Year Old For Sale...CHEAP

A little while ago, I had terrible stomach cramps come over me. While this is surely more information than you wanted to know, it was one of those situations that required an immediate trip to the bathroom. I quickly assessed the situation; Grace was sitting on the couch, quietly watching Dora the Explorer; and made a mad dash to my destination. I'll be the first to say that it was a longer than average bathroom trip for me. I'm usually an in and out kind of girl. I promise to fill you in on why I'm sharing this lovely moment with you by the end of this post.

I recall thinking more than once while I was in there that it was strange that Grace had not come tearing down the hall after me, with the full expectation of being allowed to participate in the field trip. It even crossed my mind that it was downright weird that she had not at least come to the door and knocked while calling, "MaMa!" However, in my state of discomfort, I decided I was perfectly fine with the idea of my little angel sitting on the couch, watching Dora. Imagine my amazement when I returned to the family room, and actually found Grace doing exactly what I had envisioned. She was the picture of innocence. It was time for us to go pick up Justin, so I scooped her up, told her what a good girl she had been, and we headed out the door.

After we waited in an extra long line for Justin (it's raining cats and dogs here today, so all the usual walkers drove too), we were greeted by my happy boy. Grace is always thrilled to see her "Justee", and the two of them got right to the business of discussing what they would play when we got home. As we headed up the road, the clouds even started to blow over, revealing a lovely bit of blue sky. I hate to sound cliche, but since my stomach was also feeling better, it was definitely a smiles and rainbows kind of moment. So, we pulled into the garage and all headed inside from the car. As is his latest routine, Justin held the door for me like a little gentleman. Life is sweet.

As we got to the family room, I realized that Grace had a wet diaper. I sat down on the floor to change her, and asked Justin to get the things out of his backpack that I needed to see. He was very excited because he got his progress report today. So, as soon as I was finished with the diaper, he hurried over to show me the paper. He is doing super well in school and his teacher gushed quite a bit about how smart he is, and what a pleasure he is to have in class. Yippee! I gave him a big hug, told him I was proud of him, and asked him to take his jacket and backpack in his room. That's when it happened.

As Justin approached the couch to pick up his things, he asked, "What's that?"

"What?", I inquired quite nochalantly. After all, I had no reason to think anything was amiss.

"That!", he said, now with some force to his voice. He added an oustretched pointing finger for emphasis.

Now he had my attention. I turned to look where he was pointing, and for just a moment, could not form an answer.

"Look, Mom! It's there and there and there too!!"

"Yes it is, son.", I answered with far more self control than I felt.

"How did it happen?", now appearing to be enjoying the moment.

"Well, son, I would guess that Grace did it while I was in the bathroom earlier.", I said as I surveyed the ink drawn ALL OVER most of the cushions on my couch, and it's a BIG COUCH!!!! And I bet you'll never guess what came out of Justin's mouth next...

"Nice swirls, Gracie!"



Anonymous said...

What kind of ink???? That's the first question that comes to mind... Call ServiceMaster or Coit I guess.

BTW - She may be a budding artist and those cushions will be priceless someday. Maybe you don't want to clean them.

Grandma Carroll said...

I am laughing so hard that it is hard to say where is the picture!!! Love you, Mom

O well, you will get it twice. See how confused I am from how hard I am laughing.

On the calm side, aren't you glad that you have that special fabric and that it is so dark.

Cheryl said...

As stupid as it sounds, when my son was little and drew all over with a sharpie, even on the came out with Windex.

Christy said...

oooohhhhh my gosh is all I can come up with. Oooohhh mmyyyyyy gosh!

Heidi said...

it could be poop rubbed in the carpet and couch LOL!!!!

We are looking at adopting more how much is she LOL!!!!

Julie said...

What, we don't get a picture???

And I know how very large your couch is.... wowsers.

Jesi and Joe said...

Hey Blaine! Long time no talk! Sounds like Grace was having SOME FUN! Sorry you weren't feeling well... guess you learned your lesson: NO GETTING SICK! ;-)

We're going to be in Temecula all day tomorrow, you should email me if you guys are in town! (1/26)

Jesi G