Friday, February 01, 2008

Moving Right Along

That is a picture of my younger sister's belly. She is the one that got married last December, and has kept us on our toes ever since. The great news is that she is married to an absolutely wonderful guy, and they are expecting their first child together in April. They already have two girls (11 and 4, his from previous relationships) that they (and we) love dearly, but this will be the first time that I will become an aunt in the "blood" sense of the word. Mostly it doesn't matter, but there is a little part of me that is enjoying the anticipation of a pregnancy. So far in my family, I have always been the one getting pregnant or adopting. This is a first for me, and I'm LOVING it!!!!! Shannon (my Sis) actually sent me a more recent photo (almost 30 weeks), but due to my cell phone's stupid malfunctions, I can not get it transfered over here. Bummer, but this pic will do the trick for now.

It's fun to get to see my sister with a "baby bump". She has never worn any size over 5 until now, and she is feeling like a HOUSE. The rest of us all think she looks adorable! BTW, she and Joe did decide to find out the gender of their impending arrival. Honestly, they were really hoping for a boy since they already have two girls; but no such luck. They felt a tiny bit of disappointment, but soon realized that they were still super excited. All babies are miracles, after all. They struggled a bit to figure out a name, but alas, have made a choice. This new little person will be a beautiful baby girl, named Riley Ray.

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