Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hair/Skin Care Group

For anyone that might need assistance, inspiration, a shoulder to cry on (j/k) as they navigate these new and different hair/skin trials, I am including the contact information to subscribe to the Yahoo group I mentioned in this post. You just click on the link below, and send a blank email. The group moderator will contact you to let you know how to proceed from there.

Click Here to Subscribe

I do want to point out a couple things before you rush right over to subscribe though. This is a VERY active group. On average, I probably get at least 50 emails from this forum EVERYDAY. If that seems overwhelming, but you would still like the opportunity to participate, you do have the option to receive the messages in "digest" form, or to read them solely on the group site. There is Christian content from time to time, although I have yet to see anyone offended by its' inclusion or exclusion in the posts. The group is open to ALL trans racial adoptive parents. That includes International, Domestic, Foster/Adopt, Married, Single, Gay/Lesbian, etc. In my short tenure, the families in this group have been very welcoming and supportive of all members, regardless of similarities or differences. Overall, most people tend to maintain a light, humorous tone, which makes for a generally pleasant experience.


Brian said...

You can also go here to register:
which has the distinct advantage of being able to set it to "no mail" and then read the messages on the website. 2000+ messages/month is too much for my inbox to handle.

5KidMom said...


I couldn't agree more. "Digest" or "No Mail" is really the best way to go in a group like this. There is a serious amount of mail!!


Star said...


Found this great site with lots of weekly comps, any anyone can easily join. :)


Savannah said...

Good words.